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From Dagsavisen
Roald Helgheim
3 May 2014

Radius’ Coup

Fred Lonberg -Holm is the Chicago-based cellist who came to Tine Asmundsen and the trio Radius with the fascinating album ” Just Outside The Door “, with tunes signed Vidar Johansen , Tine Asmundsen and none other than Anthony Braxton . The third member of Radius, Ståle Liavik Solberg, a drummer who has played with Lonberg -Holm since 2009. The circle is complete , and with the eminent cellist’s tone captured for an album where jazz is as “free” as it is melodic , in an ensemble where musicians find each other in different constellations . One of the highlights on the way is Vidar Johansen’s subtle “Miss Palmer ,” opening with Asmundsen’s bass theme in duo with Johansen , before the whole ensemble moves into a beautiful higher unity . Then the band rolls through Anthony Braxton’s ” 40 q ” in a modern marching pace . Lonberg –Holm is a former student of both Braxton , Morton Feldman and others, he has played with many of the “alternative” jazz scene in the U.S. and Europe. And with ” Just Outside The Door “, concluded with Vidar Johansen’s ” Radius “, Radius with Fred Lonberg-Holm has hit the jackpot this spring .

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