Cadence - January 2002.

HazelJazz note - The review was part of a four CD review, of which SeaView was the third.

Of these four fine piano trio albums, the first three mine the same modern mainstream vein, while the fourth goes its own way. Richard Wyands, Guido Manusardi, and Einar Iversen reached musical maturity some years ago, while Eric Watson is considerably their junior.

Essestially, SeaView is swinging, straight-ahead hard bop, polished and persuasive. The tunes are an attractive mix of popular or Jazz standards and originals by Iversen and a couple of other Scandinavian composers (interestingly of the seven originals, five employ a waltz-like triple meter). The general orientation of the music, however, is revealed in the names of the composers of the Jazz pieces - Bill Evans, Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane, and Quincy Jones. The bassist, Tine Asmundsen, produces a lush, ringing sound.

Daniel Franklin